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Age: 47
Location: Portsmouth, UK




  • Organisational engagement diagnostics and strategy
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Resilience Team Workshops
  • Personal Mastery Team Workshops
  • Kingdom Identity 121 and group Coaching
  • Personal Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
  • Implementation of Employee Appraisals
  • Executive Coaching 121
  • Executive Search Support
  • Psychotherapeutic Change Work 121
  • Conflict Resolution (Personal & Professional)


  • Small Business Coaching (up to 250 employees)
  • Personal Performance Coaching
  • Open Space Technology Facilitator
  • Advanced Kingdom Identity Coach
  • DISC Psychometric Assessments
  • DISC Team Psychometric Assessment
  • Leadership Character Assessments
  • EQ Assessments
  • Motivators/Values Assessment
  • Metaphors of Movement for Behavioural Change
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy for negative emotions and trauma
  • Systems Thinking Analysis for organisational change
  • NLP Practitioner


Most business owners at some point in their career suffer or fail because they standstill but expect things to be different. Steven Afshar® - Blueprint For Success delivers optimal performance solutions that have you and your employees focused on growing the business. Steven is an authorised partner of Engagement Multiplier and specialises in organisational, team and leadership performance along with employee mental health.

Steven uses the sophisticated technology of digital employee surveys that Engagement Multiplier offers that has led on to extensive experience of working with business leaders such as Business Owners, Managing Directors, Operations Directors, Finance Directors and other senior roles with firms of up to 250 employees.

Through the help of Engagement Multiplier, Steven strategically applies performance solutions helping many business professionals with the pressures of business life relating to identity, character maturity, influence, communication and change.

Within the Engagement Multiplier model Steven has covered assignments such as lead generation strategy, copywriting, exit planning and succession planning, operational strategy, organisational engagement and purpose, self imposed failure, franchising, high efficiency/low efficiency ratio, team communication and emotional intelligence, boardroom conflict,work-life balance, employee ill-mental health and emotional burnout, relational positioning of team members, personal leadership of business leaders.

Steven is especially adept at creating internal change of business leaders to influence and align key behaviours towards the organisational purpose and vision. Steve has been engaged for as long as 10 years with some clients being considered ‘as a necessary asset’ in ensuring there is continual progress and sustained growth.

He has a unique portfolio of tools that can be strategically inserted to shift perspectives and attitudes beyond chronic and stuck company cultures. This has seen working relationships transform and demonstrate synergy and flow in how it presents solutions instead of focusing on problems.

Steven has acted as a leadership mentor to a newly appointed MD of a family business ‘in a crisis’ and under the shadows of its previous leader. This has helped turn a toxic work environment into a collaborative collection of individuals participating in the growth and change management of the firm.

He is often ‘distributed’ throughout companies to ‘cleanse’ out immaturity and ineffective work behaviour that causes disruption on a company wide level. This has enabled him to be a key asset in terms of leadership consultancy and talent attraction.

Steven has worked within the US and Asia engaging over 30 business leaders in an extensive leadership program to psychometric profile and set up development strategies to their line managers as part of a growth campaign.

Because of Steven’s extensive early career as a LifeStyle Consultant, Sales Executive and Psychiatric Nurse working within such industries as construction, adult mental health, leisure, engineering, payroll, recruitment, automobile, commercial energy, he has developed a ‘holistic’ approach to creating change in his clients.

Not promoting solutions he has not applied in his own life, he has successful strategies covering the big 3 - Body, Soul and Spirit. These can be anything from nutrition, weight loss, energy systems, mindfulness, focus, existentialism, sleep, visualisation, goal setting, exercise, weight training, barefoot running, cold exposure, prayer, spiritual identity to name a few.

He has held leadership positions in the leisure industry, payroll industry and automobile industry and this has created a foundation to work on the personality of a leader, not their skills.

Lastly Steven has extensive experience of being part of a support system for those who have had a nervous breakdown, emotional burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, phobia, CPTSD from narcissistic abuse, PTSD from RTA’s or event based trauma and generally being stuck in a bind of chronic negative emotions that presents itself as negative behaviour.

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