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Living From The Kingdom Within

Optimal Performance Consultation For Business Leaders of a Christian Faith


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It's Not Just Tough At The Top...It's Lonely

But As A Business Leader, Aren’t You Meant To Be A Pillar of Strength?

You Are About To Go On A Journey Of Self Discovery

A True Calling About To Unfold

Revelation of Who You Are
When you experience who you are on a heart level and why you are here, you will feel alive and vibrant radiating the glory of how God Sees You.

Making A Difference
When you know your calling and that you are the only one who can make the difference in your own unique way, your life will become vibrant, exciting and on purpose.

Where You Are Is Your Destiny
Your purpose, vision and journey are one unfolding destiny that sees you as a leader walking out what God has designed for you.

Do You Feel Like There Is Something Missing?

You Are About To Find The Missing Jigsaw Piece

Many Christians in leadership positions at some point in their careers suffer the sense of powerlessness and feeling lonely and lost in who they are in this world. Steven Afshar® of Blueprint For Success delivers Optimal Performance Consultation that has God in the centre of it, releasing them from being stuck, aligning them with their design and revealing their purpose.

Business Leaders Today Have A Right To Walk In The Full Measure Of Who They Truly Are.

“Well...this was a fantastic session, it spoke directly into the season of life I am in and has brought me closer to the heart of God and the way I can act in the light of that, amazing.”
Joe Warren - Senior Leader, New Life Church


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