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Thought & Freedom Of Speech WILL Change Your Business Forever

Confidential and Anonymous Digital Employee Surveys Completed in Less Than 10 Minutes




Psychotherapeutic Change

Succeeding In Business Should Not Be This Difficult

Falling Turnover and Profit is Anxiety Inducing.  Your Bravery is About to Turn All That Around.

Engagement Report

Fall Back In Love With Your Company Again and See Your Company Thrive

Notice a whole new feel in the workplace
When you enable your employees to have a voice you create an engaged workforce. And an engaged workforce is a company transformed

Facilitate Employee Contribution
The potential of your employees ideas and insights are untapped and therefore if they are unknown they are useless...until you invite them to participate in a safe and secure environment to share them and grow your business.

A Culture Of Trust
Trust in the workplace is the # 1 value that allows businesses to flourish with tangible increases in productivity, focus and clarity in the company’s purpose to succeed.

Engagement Report

Ask. Understand. Act...Before It’s Too Late

Many business leaders have experienced a point in their careers where everyday in the workplace there is resistance and strain. Firefighting is the norm and everyone is tired. As an authorised partner of Engagement Multiplier, Steven Afshar® seamlessly implements a leading edge employee survey that cuts through your chaos and brings about order and harmony to your organisation.

We Probably Value What Your Employees Think
As Much As You Do

“Engagement Multiplier gives us the insight we would never have had otherwise”
Amy Bruske, president of Kolbe Corp

Over 90% of our clients achieve Engaged Organisation Accreditation in 1 Year


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