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Quick And Effective Intervention For Members Of Staff Showing Signs of Poor Mental Health


Organisational Change



You’re A Business Owner Not A Counsellor

And Wanting To Let Them Go Yet Being Concerned For Their Well-Being Is Not A Nice Place To Be. Do What Is Right...Hand It Over To A Professional.

Relieved To See Them Back On Track

The Guilt Has Lifted
When stuck between a rock and hard place regarding a troubled member of staff it is stressful. When you notice their recovery the weight of guilt is lifted giving you an enormous sense of relief.

Restored Focus
You cannot deny it. A vulnerable member of staff is a huge distraction. No matter how robust you are, growing the company does not get your full attention. When you get back to doing what you do best you realise that you’ve let the matter go on longer than intended.

Back To Being An Asset Rather Than A Burden
The age we live in, those that we employ cannot be neglected. But when we have to carry someone longer than expected you cannot help but feel resentful. Steven Afshars’® Blueprint For Success psychotherapeutic intervention opens up new opportunities, turning your employee back to being an asset rather than a burden.

You And The Employee Should Not Have to Suffer

Many business owners at some point in their careers witness the vulnerability of a member of staff and their ill-mental health putting strain on them and the business. Steven Afshar® facilitates immediate psychological support and relief that starts a process of healing and recovery so everyone can get back to business as normal.

As A Business Owner, Dealing With Employee Mental Health Can Be A Huge Burden.

“As his coaching client, I found Steve to be professional, intuitive and insightful. I had two Skype sessions with him and this alone was enough to have a profoundly positive effect on me and enable me to develop in both my personal and work life, in a creative and fearless way. I would thoroughly recommend him.”
Jenny Bennett, Director of Choirs R Us

“I have to thank Steve for getting my life back on track after a very upsetting time in my life. I had various treatments and life coaching with Steven helping with grief, anxiety, confidence and general processing of life events. The empathy, support and professionalism he gave was second to none and I can highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to ask for his help in the future. Thank you.”
Claire Pearson - New Home Sales


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